We started off with a small version of Farm Animals sounds bingo. It’s quite simple, I googled farm animals pictures, printed them out and laminated them on 8×11 paper. Now I downloaded farm animal sounds apps from my phone. Once I had everything ready I connected my phone with the speaker Bluetooth and played the sounds. Because chips are choking hazards and they move around I gave everyone some playdoh and instructed them to put a piece of playdoh on the picture of the animal when they hear the sound.


  • animal pictures
  • playdough
  • animal sounds app
  • speaker (optional)
  • laminating device (optional)

Now in order to make it more interesting, I printed the same pictures but instead of putting them together on a sheet I enlarged them about 400{5f1d8eb2f7b1af66c1d7bc9ceb2aa281d02126e533e6634aa35bc96f7c5bd413}. These have to be laminated because children will be stepping on them.

There are different ways to play this bingo sound game, the easiest is to simply play the sound and have everyone jump on the correct picture (I printed more than one of the same animals to avoid fights)


I’ve had the pleasure to witness dozens of young lives grow and evolve in the past 15 years. The more I work with children the greater is my conviction that young lives are the key to our progress and evolution. Early childhood isn’t a glitch in our lives, it isn’t a bare memory that will fade eventually nor is the equivalent of a 5-year rule that life will start over after kindergarten. Early childhood is the time where brand new minds open up to understand this world. Children are hungry, they are born hungry, from the moment they take their first breath and remain hungry for the next 5 years. Our children are hungry for understanding, knowledge, they are hungry to understand social-emotional situations, themselves and others.

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