Love Little House! Their care is wonderful! My kids “graduated” a few years ago but still like to go back to visit. And I love seeing the kids take walks to the park – so cute! Thank you Elizabeth and Maria for such a great experience for my kids, my husband and me!. - Maggie Nye Roche
Finance & Investments
Drop off: This happens between 7:00am and 9:00am, before breakfast we have “free play” which consist on freedom to randomly choose toys or games to start the day.

Breakfast: We serve breakfast at 9:00am unless the child has been dropped off very early then breakfast moves earlier for that child.

Morning routines: We have circle time, arts & crafts, snack time and outdoor time all before 11am.

Afternoon routines: We have lunch at noon folowed by nap time from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

pm Snack: 3:30pm

4:00pm-5:00pm: We have music time, centers, story time and free play.

Pick up: we start to get ready at 5:00pm

Home cooked meals

IMG_6167-Medium-e1411482673244-300x235Our beloved “Tita”(Maria) loves to cook for us. Her specialties are vegetable and grain soups. We provide organic and whole foods and snacks. We feed our children breakfast, am snack, lunch, and pm snack. Children with special diets, allergies, early drop-offs and late pick ups are always accommodated.

One of the most important types of creative activity for young children is creative play. Creative play is expressed when children use familiar materials in a new or unusual way, and when children engage in role-playing and imaginative play. Nothing reinforces the creative spirit and nourishes a child’s soul more than providing large blocks of time to engage in spontaneous, self-directed play throughout the day. Play is the serious business of young children and the opportunity to play freely is vital to their healthy development.


Curriculum Enrichment is the process of selectively modifying a curriculum by adding educational content or new learning opportunities. In early years we introduce new concepts through music, songs, games and language. Children as early as infants have been observed in our program to benefit from our circle times and creative games and activities, all children are included and presented with various activities designed to develop their thinking abilities, problem solving, language skills as well as social emotional development.

For outings to the playground we have double and quadruple strollers for non-walkers, if the child is too young or small for our strollers we ask parents to provide us with car seat in order to use our car seat carrier stroller.

During extreme heat, cold and rain we do not go outside.

Parents are welcome to visit any time they wish to do so, we need a heads up before they visit in case the visit might interfere with their child nap, eating or playground trips. Breastfeeding mothers are welcome at any time, privacy will be provided when nursing their child.
Beatriz Gotor is coming back this school year with a new and exciting class. We will have Spanish every Thursday from 10:30 am to 11:00 am. Bea is an experienced, fluent teacher that is a native Spanish and French speaker. Her dynamic classes incorporate original music, dance, games, storytelling and more to keep kids immersed and engaged in their target language. If your child is not scheduled to attend daycare on Spanish class day you are welcome to come with you child and learn a new language!
Jilly Puppets is a dancer, a community theater director, and a teaching artist. She believes that all children deserve access to high quality artistic experiences.With a Master’s Degree in Education, years of teaching experience and a wildly creative mind, She incorporates developmentally appropriate activities such as: singing, movement, storytelling, dancing, listening skills, literacy development activities, imaginative play, and of course-groovy music, during each show. Jilly teaches every Tuesday from 10:00am to 10:45am.
ellen slideEllen Kaplan (a.k.a. ‘Watermelon’) has been creating music magic for over 15 years. As a singer, dance teacher, and professional storyteller, she is prepared to design a great music and movement class that will engage and motivate children from infants to preschoolers. Ellen comes with music, toys and props that will engage children and make them get up and dance, all songs are age appropriate and guaranteed to make them laugh! If your child is not scheduled to come on the days Ellen will be at daycare you are welcome to attend. She will be with us every Wednesday from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm.