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We cannot say enough about Little House Daycare.  Our son and daughter have been part of the Little House family since they were 15mos and 3mos old, respectively.  We transitioned to LHDC from a large, national daycare center chain prior to the birth of our 2nd child.  We were initially nervous about the transition to an in-home daycare, but could not be happier to have stumbled upon this absolute GEM!  Dropping our kids off at LHDC feels like we are leaving them with close family members – with the added benefit of knowing that they will be loved, challenged, and stimulated throughout the day.  Our kids run to Tita with open arms each morning and are sad to leave their friends and teachers at the end of the day.

Elizabeth is hands-down the most creative, imaginative, centered, calm and communicative provider.   She worked closely with us to ease our daughter’s transition to daycare when I went back to work and texted/emailed/called to give us peace of mind that she was doing well.  We always got a full report of her schedule and how the days went.  Elizabeth continues to send videos, texts, Facebook updates, monthly Newsletters, and lunch menus so we know how our kids spend their days.

Tita makes delicious and healthy meals and gets our kids to eat things they would never agree to eat at home!  Elizabeth even prepares and cleans baby bottles, and stores expressed milk for the little ones.  The fact that food is provided and bottles prepared to make life immensely more manageable for working parents!

Within his first few months at LHDC, our son was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy, which was and continues to be a constant worry.  Elizabeth worked with us to ease our minds and make sure that all the teachers were on board with keeping our son safe throughout the day.

There is so much thought, effort, and imagination that goes into the actual daycare space; Elizabeth has built learning stations, creative play areas and a very cool play loft – all of which is age appropriate and engage little minds.  She is constantly evolving the space to keep the kids interested.  Elizabeth also puts great emphasis on all of the teachers continuing their own child care education.

Our kids are constantly coming home with exciting new facts, artwork, vocabulary (both Spanish and English!) and stories from the park/music class/Zumba, etc.  And, we adore the special parties & celebrations that Elizabeth includes the parents in throughout the year.  Her boundless thoughtfulness has rubbed off on our own children and we are extremely proud of the empathy and kindness they have developed.

We feel immense gratitude for the time our children have spent with Elizabeth, Tita, Carolina, and Josefina.   Our entire family has grown and benefited from our experience with this amazing daycare.

Carolee and Tom Delaney

Little House has provided an excellent experience for my family. I currently send my three and a half year old and my eighteen-month-old. I have been sending both of my daughters to Little House since September of 2012. My younger one started when she was just three months. When I realized I would have to return to work while she was so young, I was nervous. However, as soon as I found Little House my fears subsided. The small and caring atmosphere was exactly what my baby needed. Little House is small and family run, so I knew Elizabeth and Tita would provide the love and attention that my little one required. They even accommodated me by providing a comfortable and quiet area where I could nurse the baby twice a day. I would run over from work during a free moment and nurse and then run back to work. I can confidently say I am lucky and thankful to have discovered this wonderful daycare.I have many favorite things about Little House. First, Elizabeth and Tita provide love, rules and structure and the children respond and appreciate it. My older daughter is constantly proud of her artwork, her writing, and her good behavior. Little House sends her home with something to be proud of every week. Second, Elizabeth is so cool and calm when my daughter misbehaves. On tough behavior days, Elizabeth usually hugs her, clearly states what she needs to improve upon, and tells her that tomorrow will be better. It always works. Third, Little House makes a serious commitment to bettering both minds and bodies. Tita’s breakfasts and lunches are wholesome and healthy. When weather permits, there is always a trip to the park for exercise. On rainy days, exercise comes in the form of dance parties. Elizabeth is truly a teacher at heart and makes an effort to grow the minds of her students. My daughters are learning the Spanish language, how to write their names, and how to read. Fourth, Little House maintains open and consistent communication. From daily email updates, to picture text messages, to monthly calendars and newsletters, I always know what my children are up to and how they spend their days. Lastly, it is obvious that Elizabeth truly believes in her product and takes pride in her work. She is always staying updated and open to new ideas and trying new things. She is constantly coming up with fun and creative activities. She maintains the perfect balance between providing comfortable routine and exciting, new adventures.I am so thankful to have discovered this daycare. Every morning my children are happy and excited to go to Little House. They love their friends and their teachers. I would recommend Little House to any parent.

Kate and Connor Dowling

They are the best! Elizabeth and her staff are so warm, welcoming and nurturing. They constantly create a positive, enriching environment and are so wonderful to work with. They are always accommodating and really make life easier for parents. My daughter loves spending her days at Little House. I’m so glad we found this gem!

Elena Canneto

Little House Daycare has been a truly great experience for our family and we could not be happier. Little house takes an individualized approach to each child’s learning and development in a loving, nurturing environment where they are treated like family. Mackenzie loves being at little house daycare and loves all of the activities which have helped her to develop socially and emotionally. I never have to be concerned when Mackenzie is there because Elizabeth and her mother care for her as if she were their own child. The connections and friendships we have formed there thus far will last long after Mackenzie moves on to school.

Erin Smith, former client

We are so happy to be a part of the Little House Daycare family! Our twin boys Alexander and Adam have been attending Little House Daycare for 3 years. They are learning, growing and making friends in such a fun environment. The teachers genuinely care and love working with the children. The teachers are as excited as we are to see our boys reach goals and developmental milestones. Elizabeth has provided us with a ton of parietal guidance throughout the years and has been instrumental in so many ways in our lives. Things like setting a schedule for our twin babies, getting rid of pacifiers or potty training were effortless for us thanks to the wonderful teachers at Little House Daycare. The daycare program is well organized and the projects are creating, engaging and fun. Alexander and Adam are always so proud and happy to show us their artwork or something they’ve learned in daycare. They’ve learned so much socially and educationally! Little House Day-care also provides homemade fresh and nutritious meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. Such healthy diet is so essential in child’s development and makes our lives as working parents that much easier. Elizabeth and Maria, we can’t thank you enough for being such wonderful and compassionate teachers! We love you so much!.

Renata, Joost, Adam and Alexander

Love Little House! Their care is wonderful! My kids “graduated” a few years ago but still like to go back to visit. And I love seeing the kids take walks to the park – so cute!

Thank you, Elizabeth and Maria for such a great experience for my kids, my husband and me!

Maggie Nye Roche, former client

My experience at the daycare was amazing! I started going since I was 16 months old. I am now 12 years old and the daycare made me who I am today. At the daycare, I made friends and play games with them. My friends and I played with cars, animals, blocks, and with the toy foods. Some of the friends I had at the daycare, I’m still friends with today. With my friends, I learned social skills, learn to take turns and to be patient. The daycare had many activities, which I still do today. One of those activities were drawing. The food was amazing! I loved the lentil soup, rice with beans, and the split pea soup. People who work there are great with kids, they show love and appreciation to them.

Elias Gonzalez, 10th grade VHS

Little House Day Care was an amazing experience. Elizabeth and her mother were very nice. You always got to go to the park. The food there is really good. So if you need a Day Care pick Little house daycare.

Nicholas Bolaños, 9th grade PCHS


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