IMG_6398I have to admit that I took this idea from Jilly Puppets. She created a very long, very funky and fun snake for her show. I was surprised how cute it was and all it really took was a whole bunch of socks.

Instead of looking for old socks I decided to buy new ones just because this was going to be a present for my son so I didn’t want to make the snake out of worn out socks. jilly snakeFor this project literally any socks would work, I went for something bright and loud in colors because that is what most youngsters like but any socks can make the snake. If you don’t want to spend too much money look for buy one get one 50{5f1d8eb2f7b1af66c1d7bc9ceb2aa281d02126e533e6634aa35bc96f7c5bd413} off at your favorite store or try the dollar store.

I ended up making 2 snakes, I’m just showing one here. The first one I made I cut the tips on every sock and sewed all the ends except for the head and the tail, to be honest it was harder to stuff since it was so long. When I started the second snake I decided it would be better to stuff each sock separately and then sew them together.

IMG_6284 IMG_6283 IMG_6285

Before I forget, I sewed the heel part of the sock in order to get rid of the bump.

When I started to sew the socks together I arranged the colors in patterns. I sewed the tip of the sock with the open end of the other sock and so forth. When they were all unified I proceeded to tie a thick thread three times in every sock in order to make bumps on the snake, I just thought the snake being too straight was boring so I added bumps.

IMG_6295 IMG_6294

Now to make the face I had bought googly eyes from amazon previously. I sewed them on top of the head and the fangs and tongue were made with felt sheets I had. The nostrils I sewed with black thread, I just kept sewing until it made a black circle.


When finished the snake measured about 10-12 feet long, it is very hug-able and soft, my son loves to wrap himself with the snake and my daughter will roll the snake up and use it as a pillow, sometimes I see them running around with the long snake. I forgot to mention, I added jingle bells to the tail so it makes noise every time they touch it.

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I’ve had the pleasure to witness dozens of young lives grow and evolve in the past 15 years. The more I work with children the greater is my conviction that young lives are the key to our progress and evolution. Early childhood isn’t a glitch in our lives, it isn’t a bare memory that will fade eventually nor is the equivalent of a 5-year rule that life will start over after kindergarten. Early childhood is the time where brand new minds open up to understand this world. Children are hungry, they are born hungry, from the moment they take their first breath and remain hungry for the next 5 years. Our children are hungry for understanding, knowledge, they are hungry to understand social-emotional situations, themselves and others.

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