They are the best! Elizabeth and her staff are so warm, welcoming and nurturing. They constantly create a positive, enriching environment and are so wonderful to work with. They are always accommodating and really make life easier for parents. My daughter loves spending her days at Little House. I’m so glad we found this gem!. - Elena Canneto
School Teacher
IMG_2980Infants often follow a different schedule than toddler or preschoolers. Upon registration parents present us with a form in which they describe their child schedule and nutritional needs to the best of their knowledge, our goal is to preserve the infants schedule in order to ease up the transition from home to child care. 

Infants often require feedings every 2-4 hours and they might nap several times throughout the day. As the child becomes accustomed to daycare their schedule changes as well as their needs. Our priority is to meet your child’s needs as they transition from infant to mobile-infant and toddler. By the time you child becomes a preschooler their schedule falls into the pattern we follow with all children over the age of 3.

Breasmilk or Formula: For the first year of your child’s life parents are required to provide breast milk or formula. Breast milk is stored in the refrigerator or freezer, formula must be brought in its original container, both have to be labeled clearly with your child’s first and last name. Click here to download the bottle feeding instruction form

Bellow is the way we prepare your child’s feedings:

  • Breast Milk: is warmed up using a container with warm water.
  • Formula: Is prepared using room temperature filtered water. If the water is too cold we use a bottle warmer after the bottle has been prepared.
  • Regular Milk: We use a bottle warmer to warm up milk that is too cold.

Home cooked meals

IMG_6167-Medium-e1411482673244-300x235Our beloved “Tita”(Maria) loves to cook for us. Her specialties are vegetable and grain soups. We provide organic and whole foods and snacks. We feed our children breakfast, am snack, lunch, and pm snack. Once your pediatrician approves table food we provide infants with lunch that is the same we offer to older children except that we blend the soups soft for young infants.

IMG_3154Even thought Infants have their own schedule and feedings they still participate in most of our activities, whether they are in our arms, bouncy chair, excersaucer or the floor we always try to include them and make them part of our routine.










For outings to the playground we have double and quadruple strollers for non-walkers, if the child is too young or small for our strollers we ask parents to provide us with car seat in order to use our car seat carrier stroller.

During extreme heat, cold and rain we do not go outside.

Parents are welcome to visit any time they wish to do so, we need a heads up before they visit in case the visit might interfere with their child nap, eating or playground trips. Breastfeeding mothers are welcome at any time, privacy will be provided when nursing their child.