Our bodies and minds function and develop bright and healthy thanks to a balanced and nutritious diet. This is often overlooked during early years.

We strive to provide our little friends with organic food and snacks. Our vegetables, fruits, legumes, chicken, and dairy are always labeled organic and free of preservatives and chemicals.

We do not serve juice unless is freshly squeeze as part of a learning activity. Our choice of beverages is always bottled water delivered to us by readyfresh and milk.

our snacks consist of 80{5f1d8eb2f7b1af66c1d7bc9ceb2aa281d02126e533e6634aa35bc96f7c5bd413} fruit and 20{5f1d8eb2f7b1af66c1d7bc9ceb2aa281d02126e533e6634aa35bc96f7c5bd413} crackers, cereals or another form of healthy carb.

On a special occasion or as part of an activity we might have sweet treats but this is not something we do very frequently.

If your child has a special diet or a vegan diet we might be able to accommodate special meals or you are welcome to send food for your child.

We are a peanut-free program