Playdough Portrait

Do you have playdough that is drying up? or too sticky? (because a little someone keeps licking it)

Well there is no need to throw it out anymore, you can accomplish this craft by utilizing playdough that is drying out or making new dough. We made new one. Home made play dough recipe here.

IMG_3352   IMG_3354


Now you will need canvas paper, it is a heavyweight paper with a coated, textured surface that replicates the surface of canvas. You can find it on any art store or Amazon.

Older children would be able to draw themselves either from memory or you can facilitate a small mirror so they can capture their facial features. Younger children will need you to draw a simple face. I use black permanent marker to draw.

IMG_3357  IMG_3355IMG_3358     IMG_3356

Have the children press the dough onto parts of their faces, talk about their eye color, hair color. Have them mush small pieces onto the paper at a time in order to stick better.

Once finished let it dry for about a day, you might want to frame it, sometimes the dry play dough comes off the paper.

IMG_3360 IMG_3361 IMG_3362     IMG_3359

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