100 DIY crafts and games for children

I have spent some time roaming in the internet when I delightfully stumbled upon amazing games and toys that can be easily crafted using household items. Most of these ideas are surprisingly creative and can be accomplished with the help of your children, this can turn out to be a great teaching experience that will create beautiful memories. Feel free to look at the pictures, most of them as pretty self explanatory, I’m sure you can tweak and change things to adapt to younger or older children. If you have other ideas we can add to this list please share them down in the comment area. Enjoy!

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  • Wilton Evert

    Great website. If I wanted to learn more where could I look?

    • Admin

      This is really a compilation of ideas I’ve gathered throughout time. Most images are self-explanatory. If you are interested in any particular one I believe Pinterest might have the original source. Good luck