(3 mo – 2 years)
Our priority for Infants is to facilitate natural attachments with caregivers. Comes without saying that infants are our priority during any daily activity.
(2 – 3 years)
The world of a toddler is expanding daily by the immense physical growth they are experiencing. Variety of toys, centers, and safety is our goal.
Preschool (3-4 years)
Preschoolers are the experts on dramatic play and creative games. Their vocabulary and skills often blossom tremendously at this stage.
Pre-K Program
(4 – 5 years)
Right before graduating our preschoolers become little teachers and spend great amounts of time helping us and their peers
Enrichment Classes
Early exposure to quality activities and curriculum it's key to reinforce a strong early childhood foundation that will carry on for the rest of their lives.
Outdoor Play
We are just a speck on this beautiful world, we must go out and enjoy nature. Young children benefit greatly from daily exercise and fun gross motor skill activities.

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