Rainbow Fish Activity

Make this activity a learning experience. By combining story telling, imagination, creativity and fine motor skills you can give your child a great experience that will bring you together along with experiencing learning a good moral lesson. The Rainbow Fish is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish who finds friendship and happiness when he […]

What is messy play?

Messy play is a way of encouraging children to learn about raw materials such as mud, sand, water and paint in an unrestricted way. Children can play and explore with these without being constrained by the ‘right’ way of using them, in turn, this helps them to develop sensory experiences of how things, taste, smell and feel.
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Annual pumpkin 🎃 painting. We had a blast painting our jack o lanterns. This is the best year so far; every year, we learn something; what works, what doesn’t work, what creates an inviting environment, and how we can make this an activity that encourages independence, problem-solving, and decision making. We already know infants love to get messy; they are tactile driven; they need to touch and feel with their mouth and hands. We went with water-based, non-toxic finger paint, it will come off the pumpkins if it gets wet, but we plan to wait until they dry and then spray them with a sealant to preserve these masterpieces. Babies in the pool toy were able to concentrate on their pumpkin. They touched, opened the pumpkin, pulled some fibers out, and then dove into splashing paint all over. Older children are very receptive when they understand their environment and know where everything is; that is why we had ready to paint cups, waist level tables (they are benches but works better than a regular height table), plenty of brushes and labels to make sure the pumpkins they chose don’t get lost. #pumpink🎃 #pumpkonpainting #jackolantern #halloween #pumpkonpainting #pumpkindecorating #littleartists ... See MoreSee Less

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You tell me a child’s laugh isn’t contagious 😊 😃 🎶 @bobbydoowahmusic #music #outdoormusic #musicforkids #musician ... See MoreSee Less

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