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Meet our Teachers


Elizabeth Knowles

Teacher, head provider, owner

Elizabeth has ┬áBachelor Degree in Early Childhood. She has been the owner, director and head provider since 2003. Elizabeth is also a talented Artist who writes and illustrate children’s books and often creates fun and educational curriculum and themes for our daycare.

She is also a graphic designer, very fluent in internet technology and social media marketing. She contributes to her husband business which focuses on web design and internet technology.

Elizabeth is native Chilean and speaks fluently in 3 languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese)


Maria Quintanilla

Provider Assistant

Maria started her career in finances back in Santiago Chile but switched her interest when moving permanently to NY.

She has been working with children for over 15 year, 10 of which she has been working as a daycare assistant. Maria receives constant training in various areas of childcare but her specialty is organic meals. Maria has taken several training that pertain nutrition in early childhood. She takes pride in providing us with organic soups, breakfast and snacks. She is often in charge of infants and meals.


Carolina Garrido


Carolina got her Master Degree in Elementary School Education focusing on children from first grade to sixth grade. She worked in a School in Guatemala for 2 years. When Carolina moved to NY she started working as a teacher assistant for a childcare center located in CT.

In 2015 Carolina started working with us. In April of 2016 she earned her Child Development Associate (CDA). Carolina is fluent in Spanish and English and teaches circle time songs in Spanish.

Carolina lives in Greenwich, CT with her husband and 2 boys.


Josefina Garrido

Provider Assistant

Josefina eaned her Master Degree in Early Childhood back in Guatemala. She worked in a daycare center for 4 years before moving to NY.

She has been working with us and taking classes to complete her Childhood Development Credential.

Josefina is fluent in Spanish and English and often conducts activities and games in Spanish. Josefina lives in Port Chester with her parents and 2 girls.


All children from the infant years to early school years have basic needs that must be met on a daily basis in order for a healthy development to take place. At little house we offer nutritious home cooked meals; breakfast, AM snack, lunch, and PM snack. Another late snack if children stay until 6pm. In our basic care we:

  • Make sure children received all the nutrition they need.
  • Diapers are changed on an average of 5 times per day, more or less depending on the child.
  • We support and contribute to potty training ( the trick is consistency)
  • Hands are washed several times a day in order to keep germs out
  • Children are kept dry and clean to the best of our efforts (remember that food, paint and other stains are witnesses to a fun filled day!)


Gross motor skills are developed thru constant movement. In the early years we encourage movement in infants by placing them in different areas to explore in order to promote gross motor development. Infants spend time on their belly, back, on a jumpy, excersaucer, high chair to assist sitting up and eventually just floor time in order to develop crawling.

Older children enjoy activities such as music and movement games. We also have outings that require us to walk to nearby playgrounds or library.


Although we conduct activities as a group there are age differences between children which require more or less stimulation. We adapt to every child’s need and when that’s not enough we spend 1:1 with each age group in order to make sure they achieve every milestone successfully.


We have always introduce Spanish language in our curriculum but this year we have designed a curriculum that focus on immersing the children in the language. We do this every morning for an hour.


Working with children and families is an important responsibility. Our staff is 100% compliant with OCFS training requirements. We are required to complete 30 hours of training during each license renewal period.
The training we take must address specific issues related to child care as well as the laws and regulations for child care programs in New York State. These topics are:

Principles of early childhood development, including the appropriate supervision of children, meeting the needs of children enrolled in the program with physical or emotional challenges and behavior management and discipline;

Nutrition and health needs of infants and children;
Child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention;
Child day care program development;
Safety and security procedures; including communication between parents and staff of your program;
Business record maintenance and management;
Statutes and regulations pertaining to child day care;
Statutes and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment; and
Shaken Baby Syndrome
As of now we have covered all topics in various trainings that were taken at the Child Care Council of Westchester. Some of the trainings are:

1. First Aid and CPR

2. Health and Safety procedure

3. Supervision

4. Mixed age groups

5. Child care development

6. Healthy eating

7. Diapering procedures

Besides this training and routine trainings we attend throughout the year Elizabeth Knowles has aBachelor’s

Degree Early Childhood Education.